Monday, January 2, 2012

12 days of Display Trends: DIY

2012 here we come!!

There has been some merchandising trending happening online and from the Retail Conference in and I want to share with you some ideas and inspiring photos behind each window display trends. These trends are
discovered through lots of market research, trends display artists use, paint and wallpaper trends etc etc.

So, we just passed the 12 days of Christmas and are into a fresh new year! As I begin to plug away at display ideas for the next few months, I will be doing a post on each of the display & merchandising trends discussed during this year's retail expo.

OOOOKKK trend Numero Uno is.......


 DIY – This style of visual merchandising is a return to the basics. It is a very natural, do-it-yourself kind of look that appeals to the green movement and those who want a break from technology overload. Mostly this  style or trend of display usually lends itself in bespoke stores, boutiques and more feminine attributes. However- this style of display can be incredibly darling and exciting.

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These crocheted balloons are beautiful and etheral. used in a display, and I've seen a few so far these guys would be incredible with lights or without. Bonus! incredibly easy to do. check out my pinterest for the board with instructions.

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Clean + Modern. this shelving idea is create for crafty types. Use crates, packing bottoms and random wood slats to create this style of shelving. Would look great in various settings; however I would love to do this in a shoe store. Think candy box!
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Cute use for cups, or anything with handles. Super easy to do! Head to the link to find out how.
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Packing bottoms or slats make a great industrial showcase. These chairs are merchandised in a clever way, simple tidy apperance for a trade show- nice lighting and the info paperwork tucked around a leg. Brillant. 

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Usually we think of DIY styling, or merchandising we often think of pretty things and vintage furniture. Here- inexpensive materials and elbow grease make a gorgeous table. Now, Think of doing that in your store! Denim table anyone?

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I pinned this on my pinterest and someone commented how great these cardboard tubes would look like bamboo. Fabulous idea! Now- this is some serious WOW in a store. Be daring and bold!

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Cute and adorable paper umbrellas are styled around an archway here, using buttons as centre colour pops. Very bright and exciting, totally DIY and a must try for spring store displays.

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Ok- picture it, pink or red lighting inside a lantern made like this, Cut outs with hearts, or heck, leave the circles; satin ribbons and a simple painted backdrop = VALENTINES DISPLAY IDEAS. this could be a very sexy window... purrrow! 

display trend # 2 Over the Top! ..... tomorrow! 

Have fun thinking of Displays!
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