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12 days of Display Trends: #2 Over the Top!

and on the 2nd day of Visual Display trends, my merchandiser gave to me ..... 

                                          Over The Top!

Quite simply, 'Over the Top' is a unique trend to merchandising in 2012. Unique where a style of display has become a trend. You see it alot more than you think. It is the total opposite of Display Trend no.1 of 2012. 

Over the Top is heavy in visual - heavy in everything. BUT it has focus, and a story to tell. Totally on the other side of "DIY" in which you see pretty things, age, natural fibres and texture, this trend is top notch in colour, technology and a certain -freshness- that cannot be ignored. 

Editors Note: 
You kinda have a few approaches to windows & store interior design; Less is More, or More is More, and you have to get it bang on without it looking like a dogs breakfast. Nothing is as less appealing as checking a store window and seeing barren visual sadness in what you would think " oh my gosh. What a great window... what potential", OR on the Flip side.. More can be waaay too much and littered with "Ness" that does not quite fulfil a story, just so much colour/texture/awkward styling that does not attract you into a retail space. 

Below are a displays and window artistry that do over the top in the best way. 

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This display within a hotel in Paris is a great first example. It may not have lots of technology, but the therory is beautiful. Take a look at the scale, huge impact, different and unexpected within a hallway of mirror and gold. The treetop is huge and and wraps around the pillar. Big Impact! 
image via 
Okay, I know what you are thinking.. this image is not exactly "over the top" as I explained earlier. Not every retailer has big budgets and big windows- and this example was perfect on how to do 'over the top' and make it accessible to all readers. This small display has lots happening. Busy union jack envelope our eyes and one note ceramic texture could have been disasterous, but this display has great technique and interest. Various levels, hits of colour using a W of M pattern and still, lots of product! Okay.. onto the WOW. 

image via
Over.The.Top. how does this look? Windows from Bergdorf Goodman, and wow their team delivers. In this photo wood takes over. Lots of varying finishes, paint techniques and colours to play with, while mixing natural elements like a fur wardrobe and a dash of feather- this window makes over the top work. Here is another of my favourites from the set

image via

Here again, the gold and rose metals blend with varying colour and texture. I want to stare at it all day. 

Of course, this post would not be without the power of GaGa. As many of us are aware by now, Lady Gaga the walking art project has built her mega brand into a pop-up store concept of Barney's. The iconic retailer detailed the first floor the store, including the windows to represent Lady Gaga and her brand, her product and her merchandising vision. '"GaGa's Workshop" a play on Santa's workshop, was built in perfect step with the holidays. Now- this image is perfectly "Over The Top' in everyway. This giant installation is a fun and loud icon, with the red costume covered in mini led lights, and mirrored pillars. This Display invades your presence and tackles almost all of your senses. You definitely won't forget this shopping experience. 

image via 

GaGa's workshop entrance, Over the Top entrance, lots of lights and totally attraction you in. This is brand experience. 

image via  ( talking classic music here ppl)  

the is 'Over the Top' concept is done well here. For the holidays, Printemps department store did this pink & mauve scheme for the holidays, and while their window display is pretty - the real wow factor is the tie in from above. The totally gawk-worthy ovresized ornaments, some ribbon and hanging icicle lights. um hello easy to do, and so so so pretty. In another variation, this could be done to the interior of any store and pump up the wow factor. 

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Tiffany NY put on a serious show this holiday season, making their small window make waves with serious impact. This faux carosel was built into the exterior of the store. How is that for using what you've got? ( huge budgets help too)

image via 
Great example of "over the top" A giant LED light ribbon wraps around the store front here in new york. While this may have a big budget, this concept is easy to be inspired by. Using extra wide ribbon ( professional merchandisers are masters at prop hunting ) and wrap around your store! or maybe even a window, add some technology - perhaps gobo's and LED lighting? 

Here, Uniqlo does the trend quite well, always using a heavy hand in the technological side of the displays. LED snowflakes and huge lit strands take over the store. Check out the pedestrians - people are gawking at the displays.  

A few Ideas... 

This idea is beautiful and a a great challenge from a prop perspective. Find the largest chandelier you can that is cheap as anything, get some faux peal beads and such ( great timing for post-Christmas sales ) and bedazzle your window display with this  big idea. Light that chandelier dead centre to your store, over a  main table or in the window for some 'oohs and aahs'

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Here is the most interesting thing about paper lanterns, they are relativly cheap and come in almost every solid colour, and many interesting patterns. The shapes can vary, but for the most part these guys are fairly inexpensive. For many privately owned stores and boutiques cost is huge when trying to make displays happen or create big impact for an event. Try this idea- center store, gather ballons of various sizes/shapes and suspend for the ceiling, or fixtures. For intrest pick up a few bold colours- maybe jade green and coral light those for pop art. 

image via

Or maybe you are looking for more of a boho, traveller look. Small lanterns like these in various colours and shapes and create walls of lanterns.... pretty dreamy!

image via

Greens, ivy or any kind of green crawling up a store exterior is always incredibly eye catching- especially if created almost overnight. What makes these installations so powerful aside from the pretty green abundance? The incredible awe of pedestrians not remembering the incredible green garden ( or umbrellas.. or stars... or ..) that was not here yesterday!

Just a few ideas from other merchandising campaigns, and a few ideas from displayologyToronto. Check out my Pinterest for more ideas. 

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